Customs Clearance

Indirect representation 2.0

Challenge 1

 According to Art. 170 para. 2 UZK, the declarant must be a resident within the customs territory of the European Union.

Challenge 2

Art. 70.1 UZK states that you must declare your final selling price. NOT the purchase price, e.g. from China.

Customs Clearance: an example

You buy 100 pairs of shoes in China. Purchase price per pair is $30. Your selling price in the online store is $150.

Challenge 1: Since you cannot immediately prove your residency within the EU, customs prevents the import of goods according to Art. 170 Para. 2 UZK.  

Challenge 2: Without a branch in the EU, you will have to pay duty on the significantly higher retail price instead of your whole sale price of your product. The taxes increase by the same factor as the selling price to the purchase price.

You do not have a branch in the EU to which you can delivery our goods. This means that you do not comply with all import regulations.

What if you could appoint a representative?

This is where our “indirect representation 2.0” comes into play.
Anyone can be represented before the customs authorities. This means that we make the customs declaration in our name, but on your account.

The solution for this is our indirect representation 2.0

Why 2.0? Because with the representation we not only master challenge 1, but also solve challenge 2 regarding the transaction value.

A simple calculation of import duties without hellocustoms and with hellocustoms:

Without hellocustoms

Transaction value:   75.000,00 $
Duties at 16.9%:   12.675,00 $
EUSt.:   16.658,25 $
Total duties:   29.333,25 $

With hellocustoms

CIF value:   15.000,00 $
Customs duties:   2.535,00 $
EUSt.:   3.331,65 $
Total duties:   5.866,65 $

Our calculation has intrigued you?
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