Overcome the European barriers to market entry – legally compliant. 

You want to import into the EU or sell your goods on the EU internal market, but you don’t know how to do it? hellocustoms is your partner who handles market placement and customs clearance for you.

If your company is not based in the EU, you will face three challenges:

Challenge 1:
Setting up a branch in the EU


“The declarant must be established within the customs territory of the Union!”

Source: Art.170.2 UZK

Challenge 2:
Retail price counts


“You don’t pay tax on your purchase price. Taxes are levied on the retail price you charge an EU citizen.”

Source: Art. 70.1 UZK

Challenge 3:
Product labelling


“On your product or retail packaging, your address must include a company name and address. This address must be within the EU”

Source: §6, Section 2 Point 2 ProdSG

We are here for you to meet the these exact challenges.

In order to import your goods according to the law, you would have to:

– go through an endless number of paragraphs
– deal with authorities
– inform yourself about unknown risks and barriers to market entry
– have a valid address in the EU

We think: better focus on your core business.

Now we take over. For your success.

6 steps to success.

From the first conversation to the delivery of your goods to their destination.

Step 1: Arrange a meeting with us.

Here we explain the market situation, show you what you need and how to reach your goal. We will also inform you about the barriers to market entry.

Step 2: We will make you a personalized offer.

At a glance you can see how much you can save with us. Then you decide how we want to proceed together.

Step 3: You hand us all relevant documents about your product.

This includes: Product samples, datasheets, certificates and test reports. This helps us to remove obstacles for you and to assess any risks.

Step 4: You provide us with
the key data of your import.

This includes purchase and sales invoicing, packaging list, shipping invoice and the contact details of the shipping company. This is how we can coordinate with the shipping service provider directly.

Step 5: hellocustoms calculates the transaction costs.

Step 6: Your shipping company delivers the cleared goods to the destination on your behalf.

We take care of the clearance and coordination with the carrier and inform them when the good shave been cleared.


You can focus on your core competence.

Your product

Do you have a product that the European Union market cannot do without? Then import should not be an obstacle either.

Avoid fines

Withus, you are moving according to the laws. This avoids fines and warnings.

Save nerves

We take care of the communication with the authorities and take care of the legal clearance for you.

Be one step ahead

Stay one step ahead of your competitors – by benefiting from our experience.

Save money

Save money and avoid unpleasant surprises: click here to go to the tax calculator.

We are here for you

You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00. By appointment also outside operating hours.

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